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Shifting Roles in the SDDC

Posted by Randal Asay on Mar 13, 2014 9:29:00 AM

Three Things You Can Do to Transition Effectively

Changes in data center architecture have also led to shifting roles within the organization. The software-defined data center and SDN present an opportunity for existing IT personnel to embrace change and expand their portfolio. For IT to function efficiently, System, Network, and Security teams should recognize that they have the opportunity to take on a larger scope, as the days of IT siloes are over.

In converged data centers, traditional operations and hypervisor administration integrates with network and security management necessitating a workflow shift. The focus has turned away from workflow process management towards forward-looking development, supporting system enhancements and improvements. Historically, IT organizations have had multi-level approval processes for change control within the network topology and dedicated resources to tune devices or validate whether incidents are false positives. Applications have been based on the limitations of the network.

SDN and security have upended the focus. With the ability to institute predefined capabilities based on rules and execute them automatically, the network can now be designed according to the needs of the applications. IT can spend less time on operations and more time building highly efficient applications. IT personnel can also contribute more to the organization by expanding their roles and becoming leaders in converged infrastructure administration.

Three things you can do to transition to SDN effectively:

  1. Reskill and enable your teams
  2. Cross-train your teams
  3. Become virtualization-aware

Organizational divisions based on System/Network/Security skill siloes struggle to realize the benefits of their combined skills sets. If your organization can embrace and adapt to the new technologies as a team rather than individually, you’ll reap the benefits of virtualization and be empowered to provide higher levels of security.

For more information on this topic, watch our RSA 2014 Video: Shifting Roles for Security in the Virtualized Data Center: Who Owns What?


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